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Welcome to DIY Power Window Repair. DIY Power Window Repair is operated by Ironhorse Trading Corporation. As you can tell from our name, this online auto parts store specializes in items associated with power window repair. We offer a wide array of applications in the following categories:

DIY Power Window MotorsPower Window Motors
The power window motor is also referred to as a window lift motor. The motor has a shaft that rotates and is attached to a mechanical assembly, the regulator. The rotation of the shaft drives the mechanical action of the the regulator, which moves your window up and down.

                                                                                   DIY Window Regulators without Motor DIY Window Regulators with Motor

Window Regulators
This is the mechanical assembly that is actually attached to the window itself. Using either a gear, cables, or direct attachment to the window motor causes the regulator to move up or down. The movement of the regulator raises and lowers the window. Window regulators come with a window motor and without a window motor.

DIY Power Window Switches
Window Switches
The switch is the assembly that applies power to the window motor. Depressing the switch applies voltage to the motor causing it to move. Depressing the switch in the opposite direction causes the motor to turn in the opposite direction. Window switches can be a group of buttons (commonly found on the front driver's side door) or a single switch. Window switches can also be grouped with power door lock switches and be console or dash mounted.

DIY Window Regulator Repair Parts

Window Regulator Repair Parts
These are small individual components of the power window system such as rollers, window guides, motor gears, and drive tapes. Use and availability of these individual parts varies between manufacturers and applications. Many times all that is needed to repair the power window is one of these small parts.

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